RC Jeeps Hungary Ultimate Challenge III.

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    • RC Jeeps Hungary Ultimate Challenge III.

      Hey Guys!

      This race won't be a casual trial/scale crawler race, this will be the Ultimate Challenge III.!

      The track is a trial track, but you need to complete laps on it as fast as you can.
      All the competitors are starting together, and the competitor with most laps win.

      - There will be a few gates, but no penalty for touching or hitting
      - There will be marked gates, and if you leave the track at least with 2 wheels, you need to go back to the previous marked gate
      - No penalty for winching
      - You will have a score sheet what you need to bring with yourself, after every lap a judge will mark it for you
      - You can change batteries or repair your car during the race, after you
      told it to a judge, you can go down from the track and do it
      All the competitors are starting together, and the one with the most laps wins the race.
      - If you can't move forward because anything even with winch, you're out of the race (=no hand of god)
      - If you're out of the track you should go back to the last marked gate
      - If you're preventing other competitors with your car or by yourself, you're out of the race
      - You can enter to the track only when you're winching, besides that you can control your car out of the strip

      There will be 2 categories: 1.9, Open

      1.9 Category:

      - winch, winch anchor (if you don't have, you should have a towing rope!)
      - sandrails
      - only 1.9 tires and wheels


      - No motor and battery limit
      - no tire or wheel size limit
      - tube chassis cars could be race only here
      - cars with portal axles could be race only here
      (-highly recommended: winch, winch anchor, sandrails)
      (All twin hammers drivers should race in this category)

      Waterproof electronics are recommended!

      Movies from last races:


      Date: 2018 06. 17.
      Location: Máriahalom, 47.626825, 18.711077 (near Budapest)
      More informations soon!

      You can register here, or on the hungarian site: scale4x4rc.hu/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=96&t=1235

      If you have any questions feel free to contact me here, or on facebook!

      Jeep CRAWL-1 Wrangler
      U4RC Wraith
      RR10 Bomber

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    • Hey guys!

      we modified the rules: deleted the 2s rule!

      register as soon as you can! ;)


      1. Firka-Toyota
      2. Laszieee - Vaterra K10
      3. Celon
      4. Oldcelon
      5. "Zeusz" Zsolti - SCX2
      6. Yeti-k10
      7. Zebu - SCX10


      1. batkaaa - RR10
      2. Kucsera

      Jeep CRAWL-1 Wrangler
      U4RC Wraith
      RR10 Bomber
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