dual bomber build from Hungary.. RR10U4 & RR88 1.9

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    • dual bomber build from Hungary.. RR10U4 & RR88 1.9


      i bought my bonestock bomber in january, then i threw some money on it.. :DD

      parts list:

      Axial RR10:

      Spektrum DX4C
      Holmes BLE pro WP + Holmes Trailmaster pro 3300kV WP
      Savöx 0251 MG
      Axial aluminium motor mount
      Axial steel spur 60T
      Axial steel pinion 17T (now 12T, but will change)
      MIP driveshafts F+R
      Boom racing rear upper links
      Boom racing front links
      Vanquish trailing arm
      Vanquish currie antirock rear
      Dlux fab front sway bar set (didn't installed yet)
      Gmade piggyback 75mm front
      Stock King rear
      Vanquish C-hub
      Vanquish knuckles
      Vanquish VVD
      Vanquish servo mount
      Dlux fab steering components
      Racers edge servo arm
      Proline badlands 2.2 medium
      Gearhead 2.2 wheels (powder coated)

      it's my U4RC rig for this year's championship, after the first test i bent the rear axle shafts, new beefer shafts are on way with vanquish rear lockouts.

      ...and my other bomber is my Ultimate class rig:


      Spektrum DX4C
      Holmes BRXL WP+ Holmes Torquemaster expert 27T
      Holmes HV400
      narrowed RR10 chassis
      narrowed vaterra axles
      Wraith transmission with 12T/56T
      MIP driveshafts
      RC4WD 90mm King shocks
      2 savöx servo winch controlled by 2 robitronic esc
      RCmodelex JK wheels
      Pitbull Mad beast 1.9+Crawler innovations foams

      pictures are talking for itselves ;)

      side by side:

      hope you like it :)


      Jeep CRAWL-1 Wrangler
      U4RC Wraith
      RR10 Bomber
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